We support our suppliers, understand the quality and variety of the local produce and love to tell stories of this beautiful region. Our producers care a lot about sustainability and quality, these are the dedicated people who grow, rear, catch and make all the ingredients that go into our award-winning dishes and various drinks. Find out more about these fantastic people:



The Newmarket Gin is a premium English botanist gin handcrafted by award-winning artisan John Walters in small batches using an exclusive combination of ten botanicals, including local wild horseradish, coriander, bay leaf and assorted wildflowers. The artisan spirit is made with a traditional copper still and has won multiple awards both nationally and internationally.  The gin plays homage to the nearby Newmarket Racecourses, with its striking horse racing packaging.

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Fisher and Woods is a company founded on over fifty years’ experience, providing the finest fresh fruit and vegetables with a bespoke offering and personal relationship given to each client. They are based in the heart of East Anglia and are committed to sourcing local seasonal produce. With an aim to reduce their carbon footprint, minimise waste and respect the welfare of their suppliers, they only deal with associates who adhere to the same values.

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Housed just next to St Peter’s Hall, Elmham, in a cluster of traditional former agricultural buildings, St Peter’s Brewery was built in 1996. Traditional beers are accompanied by alternatives such as Honey Porter and seasonal fruit beers including blackcurrant and gooseberry; with dried fruits, spices and orange peel going into the Christmas Ale.  All the beers are created with water from a bore-hole on the premises, locally malted barley and Kentish hops in traditional English casks.

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The families that run Fairfields Farm in the nearby Colne Valley have been harvesting potatoes, maize and rye for three generations. On site, they farm, cold store, wash, grade and bag twelve different potato varieties, which are then supplied across the UK. As well as this Fairfields Farm grows its own special varieties of crisping potatoes that are hand-cooked on the farm to SALSA compliant and BRC accredited standards. In 2016 Fairfields Farm was voted East of England Co-operative’s best producer supplier. Not only does Fairfields Farm deliver award-winning produce locally, but also to 20 countries worldwide.


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Tuffon Hall is a modern boutique vineyard in the heart of East Anglia producing award-winning English wines. Whilst wine has only been in production since 2014 the vineyard already has a Gold Medal from the Independent English Wine Awards and its rose has won gold in the East Anglian Vineyard Association consecutively for the last three years. The family has been working the land to create quality crops for the drinks industry for four and a half generations. All the vines are picked by hand and the team are constantly looking for ways to refine the way they work.



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Direct Seafoods Colchester has been supplying quality fresh fish and seafood sourced from local fishermen since 1984. Stocks come from Newhaven, Hastings, the Kent Coast, Suffolk and Norfolk.  The business has expanded a great deal since its inception, but the values remain the same to this day – quality fish, quality service. Typically, the fish is landed and refrigerated within 8-10 hours. The business is BRC5 A-grade and EEC approved. Direct Seafoods Colchester works with NGOs such as MSC to maintain the highest standards in the industry.



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Founder Stephen, an ex-accountant created the premium raspberry-based gin, Pinkster Gin as an alternative to beer and wine which no longer agreed with him. He started experimenting with the spirit at home and finally decided that the best flavour came from raspberries. G&J Distillers were bought on board to produce the spirit to Pinkster’s specifications, before it is returned to be macerated with a further three botanicals, including raspberries grown just outside Cambridge. All employees are from the local area and Stephen still oversees the production of each batch personally.

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The family-run Rattlesden Farm Foods is passionate about providing the finest quality foods sourced from local producers. The company prides itself on knowing the origin of everything it sells, where it was picked, laid or unearthed and delivers straight from the producer. Owner Michael has farming in his blood and was helping his grandfather to milk cows and feed livestock from a young age. The business has recently been taken over by son John who maintains the family values and levels of customer service that the regulars have come to expect.   



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Martyn and Karen Luke founded the Heart of Suffolk Distillery in February 2018.  Both are local to Suffolk with Karen growing up less than half a mile away from where the distillery is now. Betty's is a small batch artisan gin distilled using nine carefully selected, hand-crushed botanicals and was named after Karen's mother who was a great gin lover.  Each bottle is carefully numbered and personally signed by Martyn, the Distiller before it leaves the premises.



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Cheese Plus is a true champion of British produce, working closely with cheesemakers and continuing the ageing process in their own on-site maturing rooms, to ensure the end result is delivered in peak condition. The Cambridge based company aims to minimise food miles and promote the quality of local foods where possible. Cheese Plus is also part of the Cheese Academy, a not for profit organisation with qualifications on four levels promoting cheese knowledge and providing career development both within the industry and the wider public.


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Located in Woodbastwick, in the heart of Norfolk, Woodforde’s Brewery was created in 1981. The award-winning beers are now found on tap nationwide. All ingredients are selected for their quality and origin and combined with ancient water from below the premises – this is very much a Norfolk brewery.

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Norfolk Quail is dedicated to the welfare of the poultry they raise and the people that raise them. The Savory family has been farming Highfield Farm as a mixture of arable and livestock for over 100 years. They provide some of the finest dining establishments in the world, as rated by TripAdvisor, with ethically sourced birds. Norfolk Quail has also joined Operation Turtle Dove, to help bring the species back from the brink of extinction in Great Britain.


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